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Why has the color on my old pair of boots/shoes faded?

Last Updated: May 09, 2016 03:39PM PDT
You have had your favorite pair for years and now their color doesn't shine as brightly as they did right out of the box. You may have seen something like this happen before but wondered why it happens or if there's anything you can do to stop it. The short answer is that UV radiation that is soaked up from the sun while out on a ride is the culprit. Over time it changes the chemical composition of materials which will cause colors to fade and compromise the material's structural integrity. For a more scientific explanation check out this video on the concept.

This type of damage usually takes anywhere between five and ten years of use to become evident, but it can show up earlier if not stored properly or with heavy usage. To help fight this kind of damage the plastics in your footwear have special UV resistant chemicals that help prolong the life of the vibrant colors. Some customers have even sworn by the practice of applying a very light coat of suntan lotion to help protect their footwear.

In the end any pair will eventually succumb to age and it will be time to retire them in favor of a new pair, when that time comes we hope that you'll choose SIDI again!

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