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Adjusting the Crossfire Calf

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2015 03:10PM PST

One of the best ways to get the most out of your boots is being sure they are properly fitted. But did you know that your Crossfires feature an adjustable calf section? Beyond the adjustable strap and buckle system, the calf of both the original Crossfire and the new Crossfire2 can be adjusted to open wider by a few degrees. This helps keep the shinplate centered in it's correct position where it can properly protect you.

Left photo shows a calf section adjusted to be closed. Right shows an open calf section.
As demonstrated in the above photos, adjusting your calf section open or closed will increase or decrease the circumference to accommodate calves of any size and shape. To adjust your calf plate follow these instructions.
1. Start by removing the calf assembly from the boot's upper. On each boot the calf assembly is attached to the upper by a screw on either side of the rubber patch with the Crossfire logo.

2. You'll find that the calf assembly is comprised of three parts. The shinplate where the straps are attached, the adjustable calf plate with the heat guard, and the rear calf plate that attaches directly to the upper.
3. On either side of the adjustable calf plate you'll find two positions for the retaining nuts the rest of the components screw into. Simply swap the plastic plugs for the retaining nuts on either side (or both for a more drastic change) and reattach the shinplate and the rear calf plate.

4. Now you are ready to reattach the assembly to the upper of your boot.

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