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Crossfire uppers and how to change them.

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2014 04:58PM PDT
As SIDI has continuously developed and improved on it's original design it has made some changes to the upper assembly of the Crossfire. So far we have three generations of designs, each one an improvement on the last.

First Generation Uppers
This is the first generation upper. The first Crossfires produced in 2006 through 2010 sported this design which was originally introduced in the earlier Flex Force model. While this design was crucial to the boot's ability to flex while limiting the range of motion to a safe area, the plastic C-clips had an annoying habit of coming loose and getting lost at the most in opportune times.

Installing these uppers is fairly straightforward. With all of the hardware removed from the upper all you need to do is wrap the upper around the remaining base of the boot while lining the pivot holes up with the ankle pivot points. Then using a set of inverted or reversible needle nose pliers open a C-clip and place it upon the pivot point. Once seated it should hold the upper in place. Repeat this for the remaining three ankle pivot points before re installing the shin and calf protectors and their associated hardware.

The Uppers of this design have been discontinued in favor of the third and most current generation. The pivot pins and C-clips are still availible, but if the uppers are in need of replacement you'll need the Third Generation Uppers detailed below as well as their pivot pins.

206710   Ankle Pivots and C-clips (set of 4)

Second Generation Uppers
In 2011 the uppers received an extensive overhaul in response to rider feedback. In order to keep the uppers mounted more securely onto the rest of the boot, the ankle pivot system was redesigned. It was enclosed behind a soft rubber pad to help protect it from coming dislodged. While this was an improvement to be sure, it did have it's own problems. For some riders the soft rubber enclosure would wear down over time exposing the ankle pivot and allowing it to scrape on their bike.

These uppers are very difficult to install. It is helpful to have a post rooted in the ground or some other solution to free up both of your hands to work the upper into position. Using a post rooted in the ground, flip the boot upside down to rest atop it. You should be able to fit one ankle pivot into a slot with ease. The second pivot point is more difficult. You will need to pull the opposite slot over to the remaining pivot point and press the pivot point into the slot. This can be difficult to seat correctly onto the internal bracket. I find it easiest to hold one end of the upper while I push down on the toe area of the boot to force the pivot point into a better position.

Click here for a brief video demonstrating this technique.

The Uppers of this design have been discontinued in favor of the third and most current generation. The pivot points were different on this model however and they are the same as the ones currently in service with third generation uppers.

SID-ZCFR-PIV-KIT   2011 & onward pivot kit.
Third Generation Uppers

The most current generation of uppers have been in service since 2012 and are standard on all Crossfires and Crossfire 2's currently in production. This re-design addressed the two issues that the previous generation dealt with. The difficulty of installation and the wearing of the rubber enclosure. The enclosure area was changed to incorporate a replaceable rubber and nylon pad over each ankle. Secured using 6mm Phillips screws this pad allows for replacement when damaged and better access to the pivot point during installation.

Instalation is as is simple as lining the pivot point up with the bracketed slot on one side, moving to the other side and repeating before screwing on the replaceable covers.

The part numbers for these are as follows:

SID-ZCFRP-UPBK   Black Upper
SID-ZCFRP-UPWH   White Upper
SID-ZCFR-PIV-KIT   2011 & onward pivot kit.
SID-ZCFR-PIV-COV   Ankle Covers

Crossfire 2
SID-ZC2-UP-BK   Black Upper
SID-ZC2-UP-WH   White Upper
​SID-ZC2-UP-GY   Gray Upper
SID-ZCFR-PIV-KIT   2011 & onward pivot kit.
SID-ZCFR-PIV-CN   Ankle Covers

It is important to note that while the Crossfire and the Crossfire 2 share the ankle pivot design their respective shin and calf plates are not cross compatible. If you'd like to use a Crossfire 2 upper on a crossfire, you'll need matching Crossfire 2 shin and calf plates and vice versa.

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