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Deciding Which Shield You Need for your Eclipse Helmet

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2014 04:59PM PDT

In 2011, Vemar changed the style of the Eclipse shield and fitting system. The current shield fitting system is shown in the top left image. If you purchase a Vemar Eclipse helmet today, your helmet will come standard with the shield and fitting system on the left. If you purchased your helmet between mid-2011 and before, there is a chance the Eclipse helmet you own looks more like the one on the right.

You can see below the different in detail on the shields below. If you are looking to get a new shield for your Vemar helmet, review the images and see which one matches your helmet.

If you wish to order the current shield and/or shield fitting kit, you may reference the following part numbers with your Vemar retailer. If you have a pre-2011 helmet, the current shield will work on your helmet, but you have to make sure you purchase the shield fitting kit as well to place the older mechanism.

VES-ZE11-SH-KT   Eclipse 2011 shield fitting kit - black
VES-ZE11-SH-50   Eclipse 2011 shield - Light tinted 50%, antiscratch/fog retardant
VES-ZE11-SH-MI   Eclipse 2011 shield - Mirror, antiscratch

If your shield reflects the image above and you wish to keep this style of shield and/or kit, please use the following part numbers with your Vemar retailer.

VES-ZECL-SH-KT   Eclipse shield fitting kit - black
VES-ZECL-TO-00   Eclipse racing shield - Clear, antiscratch/fog retardant + tear-off kit
VES-ZECL-TO-50   Eclipse racing shield -  50% tint, antiscratch/fog retardant + tear-off kit

‚ÄčBelow you can see the comparison between the two shields and how they look new without being attached to a helmet along with their part numbers

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